Two player-vs-player modes get added to mobile game Juggernaut Wars.

More than a dozen years after "Battlestar Galactica" first aired on The Syfy Channel, the show gets its own card battling role-playing game for mobile and tablets.

The Chinese-inspired tile-placing game Lanterns: The Harvest Festival is now available for iOS and Android devices.

Developer Exaltrix's puzzle game Totem Forge is now available for download on iOS devices.

A new puzzle game is in the works for PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, PC, and mobile from Brazilian indie studio Midipixel that really puts players on the clock.

Developer Exaltrix's Totem Forge promises original design based on familiar Match-3 mechanics.

The sci-fi digital board game Galaxy of Trian is now available via Steam for PC and Google Play for Android devices.

Portal Masters can now make the Skylander characters of their dreams in Activision's Skylander Imaginators.

EA Sports releases the FIFA Mobile app, which is a free download for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

For those who like a challenge, Primordia is a great point-and-click adventure.  For those who don't, well...

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