3 Deleted video game missions that would have changed the game dramatically

3 Deleted video game missions that would have changed the game dramatically JOYSTIQ

Not all cut video game missions were useless or boring – some turned out to be very important.

Every video game has cut content of some type. Some times the changes are minimal – different colored clothes, different music, even chopped characters. However, there have also been missions that were taken out. While some were simply Beta missions, few would have had an important impact. Missions such as...

1. Mr. Moffat – Grand Theft Auto Vice City

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City you play as Tommy Vercetti, a recently released criminal brought down to Florida in a mix of Scarface, Carlito's Way, and Donnie Brasco. However, while there are awesome missions, we don't get to see too much into Tommy's life, except a little about his family and his betrayal 15 years before.

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But a deleted mission would have brought way more to life. In a deleted mission, an old friend of Tommy's calls him up. He is on the run and needs to be rescued, knowing no one else in the area besides Tommy. So Tommy decides to help him out, and on his way, we get to know way more about Tommy, as this heavily Cyrillic video shows.                                     


While he is still mysterious, more on Tommy's life before Vice City would be shone on, including his time in prison with the inclusion of ex-con Mr. Moffat. This not only creates a fast, action packed mission, but also brings to light details about the very person we are playing. In an exciting, shoot em'up way.

2. Infiltration – Fallout 3

During the end of Fallout 3 you need to team up with the Brotherhood of Steel to take down the Enclave. However the key to this is the robot Liberty Prime, a relic of the old world to take them down. And with this comes a plot hole – how the hell did they power the thing?

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In the mission designed to be the second to last in the original game, “Infiltration”, you would have needed to go back to Rivet City and find the missing power source. It turns out parts of Rivet City are underwater and protected by gigantic Mirelurks ready to kill you. With Liberty Prime's power source surrounded by them, it would have been up to you to destroy them with extreme prejudice.

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The mission would have had you then have you bring it back to Elder Lyons to start up Mr. Kill Robot to take down the Enclave. While awesome, it also wasn't adding much, so it was cut. Still, remnants remain, such as the Mirelurks still lurking beneath the city....still ready to kill you.

3. The missing Zones – Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a classic game for the Sega Genesis, and consistently ranked as the most popular. However, despite all the awesome levels, many levels did not make the final cut, but are still in their Beta form.

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One such level is the Crystal Palace zone, as shown above. Set in a crystally place, the level would have Sonic encounter a giant crystal, have the chance to become Super Sonic and would have had a complex above ground/underwater “wrap around” effect that, while looking cool on paper, was hell on the cartridge. So instead of a level people had never seen the likes of before, it was cut at the last minute. And then there is the wood level that was also chucked away.

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The unique forest level would have finally seen a more active Tails (Treetops equals more flying) and a forest-style not seen in the rest of the game. While looking awesome, it turned out to have a few problems, so even after designing it in full, it was cut as well. The idea was so good though that the jungle theme would be seen later in Sonic and Knuckles.

Every game does have cut content of some type, but for these games, they have entire missions that would not have only added new parts of the story in each one, they would have changed the game with unique levels, knowing more about the characters and fixing plot holes.