R2Games' next MMO progresses towards launch.

A scene from 'Mythborne'. REALITY SQUARED GAMES A scene from 'Mythborne'.

Global games publisher Reality Squared Games announced today the upcoming launch of its latest browser title, Mythborne.

Developed by TianTuo Company, this free-to-play MMORPG with 2.5D graphics is set in an ancient world of Greek mythology and features turn-based battles determined by attack speed. 

Players of Mythborne will be able to choose between five classes: Duelist, Oracle, Hunter, Mage, and Paladin.  As they progress through the story, they will have the chance to recruit non-playing characters, known as Heroes, to fight alongside them in battle.  Players will have to balance their hero squad's strengths and weaknesses against their own character's skills in order to advance in the game. 

R2Games has just launched the game into its alpha phase and will remain in Alpha for one week.  The feedback obtained will be used to fix any existing bugs and improve the user experience.  Once the alpha is over, all character and account data will be deleted in preparation for the game's open beta release with the game's ultimate consumer launch to occur thereafter.