'The Devil's Eight' unveiled for console, PC

'The Devil's Eight' unveiled for console, PC SECOND STEP STUDIOS

Second Step Studios says they are working on bringing The Devil's Eight to PS4 and PC/Linux/Mac at some point in the future.

Coming out Oct. 12, The Devil's Eight is developed and published by Second Step Studios.  I features fast-paced 2D action in the stunning 3D environments of the eight circles of hell.

In the game, players will challenge the all-powerful overseers while uncovering the protagonist's own colored past.  With gameplay mechanics inspired by Super Smash Bros., players can dash, fast fall, short hop, wave dash, use specials, and more.  Each stage and overseer will be uniquely crafted to reflect that particular circle of hell, including the muted black and white Limbo, the curvy neon Lust, and blood-red Heresy.  Of course music plays a key role in the game, as the visualizer in the background acts as the overseers' health bar, and music is planned to be provided by a number of musicians, including two-time Grammy nominated composer Justin Lassen (Underworld series, I, Frankenstein).

"The origins of the The Devil's Eight started with a simple music visualizer and the idea to incorporate music into gameplay," comments lead designer Ruben Telles.  "The movement mechanics are inspired by our love of fighting games, and the visual design is influenced by a mashup of movies, comics, and music.  Through The Devil's Eight, Second Step Studios aims to create a uniquely challenging boss fighter with a stunning combination of audio and visuals."

The Devil's Eight is currently on Kickstarter seeking to raise $32,000 for development and music costs.  Backers will receive a copy of the game on PC, Mac, or Linux for a $20 USD pledge, while digital and physical art books and soundtracks as well as contributing to the design of the game are available to backers who decide to pledge more.  The Kickstarter campaign will run through Oct. 12, 2017.

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