'Fallout 76': When required Internet hurts most

'Fallout 76': When required Internet hurts most BETHESDA

Since being brought out to the public less than a month ago, Bethesda has responded to criticism about Fallout 76, revealing a lot more details to quell players fears. Nukes won't be as crazy as they seemed from the presentation, griefing will be limited and lots of other little details are looking to steer away from the worst case scenario players have in mind.

Most games don't have to do this level of damage control, and recent interviews even have them speaking about the solo-player topic: One which they hoped to avoid.

But one topic really hasn't been elaborated upon – the need to be online. While many players will undoubtedly have good internet service, many others do not. Ironically the place with the worst internet is the place where players are anticipating it the most. Turns out West Virginia has the worst connections and broadband among any state, along with wi-fi that's not only just as bad, but illegal in many places

West Virginia isn't that big a market, but for fans there and who hope to visit, this isn't a good sign when you literally can't play the game due to a feature that could have been avoided in the first place. The people who stand to make the most out of seeing their state probably won't be able to play it at all. If Twitter and other social media sites are any indication, a lot of West Virginians and people who like visiting West Virginia are not happy about this.

So while some fears are being eased, and some are still out in the open (solo mode, micro-transactions, full details on griefing, etc.), one of the biggest unreported of Fallout 76 looks like it will be hurting the fans who would appreciate it most.

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