Trucking game 'TransRoad: USA' releases for PC

An in-game scene from 'TransRoad: USA.' An in-game scene from 'TransRoad: USA.' DECK13

It's time to hit the open road as TransRoad: USA releases for PC in North America.

Developed by the Germany-based Deck13, TransRoad: USA features a trio of game modes (campaign, quest and sandbox), as many as five AI-controlled competitors, 37 U.S. cities, and a potential client base consisting of 77 businesses from 14 industries that await the ambitious entrepreneur on the challenging way to his very own logistics empire in.  Other features include seven different trailer types, hundreds of trucks, lots of drivers and of course a wide range of interesting challenges such as economic upturns, financial crises, demanding (and therefore especially lucrative) special orders, as well as tricky missions in the quest and campaign modes.

TransRoad: USA is available now on PC via Steam for $25.00 USD.

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