'Wild Guns Reloaded' launches onto Steam

An in-game screenshot from 'Wild Guns Reloaded' on PC. An in-game screenshot from 'Wild Guns Reloaded' on PC. NATSUME

The wild west video game Wild Guns Reloaded is now available via Steam, marking the first time ever that a Wild Guns game has become available for PC.

In Wild Guns Reloaded, the famed bounty hunter Clint gets tracked down by Annie in order to get revenge on the Kid Gang.  The game features eight stages containing three zones a piece and what publisher Natsume says is "a true arcade game feel."

The newly-released Wild Guns Reloaded also has two new characters.  Both have their own weapons and tactics.  This allows as many as four players to play simultaneously.  Online rankings, classic and new stages, new Boss enemies, and special weapons round out the classic Wild Guns experience on PC.

"The PlayStation 4 version of Wild Guns Reloaded was so well-received critically last year, we are excited to see how PC gamers react to it on Steam," said Hiro Maekawa, President & CEO of Natsume.  "The title offers fast-paced fun in either a single player or local co-op game, complete with online rankings, classic and new stages, new bosses, enemies and more."

Wild Guns Reloaded was released by Natsume and requires Windows 7 or newer, a dual-core processor running at 2.0GHz or higher, and at least one gig of RAM to run.

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