Co-op title 'Nine Parchments' confirmed for Nintendo Switch

An in-game screenshot from 'Nine Parchments'. An in-game screenshot from 'Nine Parchments'. FROZENBYTE

Frozenbyte's upcoming co-op blast'em up game, Nine Parchments, is officially coming to Nintendo Switch.

The company's CEO, Lauri Hyvärinen, says the studio is a big fan of the Nintendo Switch and found that the game just makes sense on the platform.

"Nine Parchments is a wonderful co-op game and feels like a perfect fit for the system," she says.  "We can't wait to unleash the wizard mayhem later this year."

Previously announced for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, Nine Parchments features a group of drop-out wizard apprentices who decided to skip their training for a quick path to the fabled Nine Parchments.  As the wannabe wizards rapidly discover powerful new spells and ignore all aspects of safety, it's only natural that their hasty progress results in lots of unwanted deaths.  Therefore, it's up to the player to wield the power of the elements and master a diverse and ever-changing arsenal of spells.

The game features online and local co-op gameplay and a number of unlockables.

Nine Parchments is scheduled to release sometime this year.

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