Author Brett Weiss does not disappoint in the second in his two-book series cataloging the Super Nintendo and its games.

Summer of Pride, a season-long streaming celebration of LGBTQIA+ games, developers, and streamers, is underway on the MidBoss Twitch channel.

An eSports competition designed for disabled gamers is set to happen at the end of August, 2019.

Nintendo Switch games, photo ops, and fun experiences are coming to cities all around the country.

June will be the Summer of Pride as game developer MidBoss looks to promote video games that feature a positive representation of marginalized perspectives.

Younger generations play and watch the most online gaming content and aspire to have esports careers.

A California graduate student has created an online forum that seeks to be a safe haven for gamers of all backgrounds.

EA Sports' simulation shows Aaron Donald’s MVP performance and the Rams' high-powered offense mount a second-half comeback.

A copy of the original NES game The Legend of Zelda has sold at auction for more than $3300.

Finding the right gift for the geeks in your life can sometimes pose quite the challenge, so we looked around and found some great suggestions.

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